Post Guide

All posts from my 2014 expedition, neatly wrapped up in one place!

Badventuring European Motorcycle Trip 2014
Post Guide

Country Order

Click on the links below to visit each chapter

Chapter One: Distress
Chapter Two: Unsteady Feet
Chapter Three: Brain Ache and Tranny Porn
Chapter Four: The Road to Madrid
Chapter Five: Poor Life Choices
Chapter Six: Looking for a Muse
Chapter Seven: Sierras
Chapter Eight: Big City Breaks 
Chapter Nine: Into the Grey
 Chapter Ten: Wild Thing
Chapter Eleven: All Roads lead to Rome
Chapter Twelve: Selfies in the City
Chapter Thirteen: Deathtraps. Plural
Chapter Fourteen: Burning Rubber
Chapter Fifteen: Boat Race
Chapter Sixteen: Beta
Chapter Seventeen: Athens
Chapter Eighteen: Broke
 Chapter Nineteen: Cotton Castle
Chapter Twenty: Tickets, Tantrums and Torrential Rain
Chapter Twenty One: Cappadocia
Chapter Twenty Two: The Kindness of Strangers
Chapter Twenty Three: The Long Haul 
Chapter Twenty Four: Nothing is Ever Easy
Chapter Twenty Five: Locked and (Over) Loaded
 Chapter Twenty Six: Learning to Breathe
Chapter Twenty Seven: Fuck Mostar
Chapter Twenty Eight: A Ferry Nice Time
Chapter Twenty Nine: Rubbing Wizards Feet
Chapter Thirty: Slaying Dragons
 Chapter Thirty One: The Art Scene
 Chapter Thirty Two: Mostly Moist
Chapter Thirty Three: Fade to Black
 Chapter Thirty Four: Fourteen Tornati
Chapter Thirty Five: Hatching Plans
Chapter Thirty Six: Twenty Five
Chapter Thirty Seven: Knock, Knock, Knocking on England’s door
Chapter Thirty Eight: Curtain Calling

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