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Heating Up

The temperature is rising as departure draws nearer

We’re mid-throes of a freak heatwave here in the UK, and if the people in England are good at anything, it’s capitalizing the hell out of our (rare) sunny spells.

The drive to flee our drizzly homeland escapes us, and for a fleeting moment we can just enjoy the opportunity to sit, hungover as fuck, in weekend beer gardens – rotating around the table like rotisserie chickens, trying to burn our front, back and sides equally.

Me, I’ve been hanging out with friends I don’t see often enough – a trend that’s repeated every weekend from here till D-Day. In the weeks I should be being most frugal, I’m doing quite the opposite and with little regret.

But the sun hasn’t just affected my bank balance and blood alcohol volume. It also seems to have somehow geared up trip preparations as suddenly jigsaw pieces are falling into place – pure human photosynthesis in action!

  • Most of my minimalist kit has arrived by now – waterproof rucksack (it is monsoon after all), power-bank charger for my cameras and phone, laptop for editing, SteriPen Adventurer for purifying mi agua. 
  • I’ve finally cracked how to link my external microphone to the GoPro successfully. I can’t believe how difficult this actually was, for such a well known brand.
  • The BADVENTURING facebook page has been born! Click here, or any of the icons on the page to go there. Be sure to like/follow to stay up to date with the latest posts.
  • I’ve even got to practice being in 40 degree heat by standing in my Dad’s greenhouse – albeit humidity was only about 30%.

On the flip-side, not having any free weekends is significantly delaying my video production practice – mainly because the bikes have a couple of handling issues that need fixing before I can get out filming. Similar issues are affecting my photography and blogging, and I’m really starting to feel the pinch of a five day posting schedule. If anything, hopefully it focuses my approach – if Peru taught me anything about travel writing it’s that discipline, commitment and planning are crucial. It’s definitely not all fun and games.

For now, here’s my commitment to the next few posts (that leaves me no room to wriggle out of them…):

  1. Day 15 Detailed kit-list
  2. Day 10 – Rough Trip Plan
  3. Day 5 – First VLog
  4. Day 0 – Departure post (tbd)

For now, there’s a calm before the storm of trip preparation – which is coincidentally what we’re all expecting of the weather over the coming days.

Here’s hoping the final preparations are slightly less tumultuous!


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