Hi! I’m Tom, a Dirtbag Adventurer.


I’ve made it my personal responsibility to explore and experience the countless ways a trip can go to shit other than simply trying “the road less travelled” (… I’m already choking on that horrible traveller cliché). Where we’re going, there’s no roads.

From being pulled up by gunmen to being stranded in the desert with no water – ridiculous decision making, over committing do-or-die situations and scrambling to recover and reassemble what’s left of the pieces. Two wheeled petrol puppies have been my weapon of choice for my adventures and riding hard and fast (on the road, not in the bedroom), there’s usually a disaster waiting to around every corner.

I started this blog over five years ago to chronicle my first major trip (find out about all of my trips here) and have been writing ever since. My writing has been featured in Bike magazine after winning the 2015 travel writing competition and is currently enjoyed by readers in over 110 countries. Not bad for a silly English bloke!

The best stories are born in adversity, honed in hardship and steeped in survival. Let’s bring back the art of story telling! 


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