The Trip

Here is the full post listing for my 2014 European motorbike badventure! Use the map (clickable) below to find where exactly each chapter is written and a fairly useless outline of my actual route. Have fun reading – leave your comments anywhere on the site!

Post Guide

Country Order

Click on the links below to visit each chapter

Chapter One: Distress
Chapter Two: Unsteady Feet
Chapter Three: Brain Ache and Tranny Porn
Chapter Four: The Road to Madrid
Chapter Five: Poor Life Choices
Chapter Six: Looking for a Muse
Chapter Seven: Sierras
Chapter Eight: Big City Breaks 
Chapter Nine: Into the Grey
 Chapter Ten: Wild Thing
Chapter Eleven: All Roads lead to Rome
Chapter Twelve: Selfies in the City
Chapter Thirteen: Deathtraps. Plural
Chapter Fourteen: Burning Rubber
Chapter Fifteen: Boat Race
Chapter Sixteen: Beta
Chapter Seventeen: Athens
Chapter Eighteen: Broke
 Chapter Nineteen: Cotton Castle
Chapter Twenty: Tickets, Tantrums and Torrential Rain
Chapter Twenty One: Cappadocia
Chapter Twenty Two: The Kindness of Strangers
Chapter Twenty Three: The Long Haul 
Chapter Twenty Four: Nothing is Ever Easy
Chapter Twenty Five: Locked and (Over) Loaded
 Chapter Twenty Six: Learning to Breathe
Chapter Twenty Seven: Fuck Mostar
Chapter Twenty Eight: A Ferry Nice Time
Chapter Twenty Nine: Rubbing Wizards Feet
Chapter Thirty: Slaying Dragons
 Chapter Thirty One: The Art Scene
 Chapter Thirty Two: Mostly Moist
Chapter Thirty Three: Fade to Black
 Chapter Thirty Four: Fourteen Tornati
Chapter Thirty Five: Hatching Plans
Chapter Thirty Six: Twenty Five
Chapter Thirty Seven: Knock, Knock, Knocking on England’s door
Chapter Thirty Eight: Curtain Calling

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