India 2017

It’s July 2017. I’ve been granted a year sabbatical from work, sold up all my stuff in the UK and headed into the sweltering heat of New Delhi during the monsoon.

I bought a bike in a bustling market district and set out on the open (generally potholed) road to make new stories and meet interesting people.

This is the current series, so stay tuned for updates!


Finding Excitement

I arrive and adjust to India, and begin to discover some things about myself.

Don’t drive at Night

Sai and I pick up our bikes, a straggler and end up breaking a cardinal rule for driving in India.

All Cut Up

The team reach Dharamsala, home of the Dalai Lama, and into forced relaxation.

Lucky (Unlucky)

It’s the first day back on the bike, and not everything has gone exactly to plan.

Going Under

Adventures with a ‘sprained wrist’ lead me to the operating table.

Another New Scar

Eventually I escape the hospital bureaucracy and head to Rishikesh to plan the next, one-armed adventure.

A Khardung La-ugh

One of the highest motorable roads in the world happens to be a little longer than we’d planned for.