Europe 2014

Country Order

On the 1st of April 2014 I left my (parents) home in Wolverhampton on an unplanned journey by motorcycle – as far as I could make it without forking out for a Carnet. I traveled alone with no real mechanical abilities, no expedition experience, no understanding of languages and the growing conviction I was going to be let down by my bank balance at some point. I started badly, scuppered by sickness and feeling overwhelmingly daunted by my own lack of preparations. Regardless I surged out of the port town and into three months of adventure, near-misses and new friendships. Corrupt border officials, kids with assault rifles, roads seemingly pitted by meteorites. Blue skies, bee stings, the smell of the the sea and the sounds of cicadas. Racing the clock through the night, impressed by swarms of Italian prostitutes.  Ditching half of your kit, laughing at expensive (£££!) touring bikes being nursed over-carefully and being intentionally deplorable in international company.  Thunder-storms.

The experiences that were hard won have forged the strongest memories. The good days tasted all the sweeter for the days spent suffering in between. A good stint of discomfort might be the best thing for us..

Route Map

Settle in with a cup of tea, get inspired, prepare as little as possible and head out on your own adventure

Reference: Route Map

Chapter One: Distress

Chapter Two: Unsteady Feet

Chapter Three: Brain Ache and Tranny Porn

Chapter Four: The Road to Madrid

Chapter Five: Poor Life Choices

Chapter Six: Looking for a Muse

Chapter Seven: Sierras

Chapter Eight: Big City Breaks 

Chapter Nine: Into the Grey

 Chapter Ten: Wild Thing

Chapter Eleven: All Roads lead to Rome

Chapter Twelve: Selfies in the City

Chapter Thirteen: Deathtraps. Plural

Chapter Fourteen: Burning Rubber

Chapter Fifteen: Boat Race

Chapter Sixteen: Beta

Chapter Seventeen: Athens

Chapter Eighteen: Broke

 Chapter Nineteen: Cotton Castle

Chapter Twenty: Tickets, Tantrums and Torrential Rain

Chapter Twenty One: Cappadocia

Chapter Twenty Two: The Kindness of Strangers

Chapter Twenty Three: The Long Haul 

Chapter Twenty Four: Nothing is Ever Easy

Chapter Twenty Five: Locked and (Over) Loaded

 Chapter Twenty Six: Learning to Breathe

Chapter Twenty Seven: Fuck Mostar

Chapter Twenty Eight: A Ferry Nice Time

Chapter Twenty Nine: Rubbing Wizards Feet

Chapter Thirty: Slaying Dragons

 Chapter Thirty One: The Art Scene

 Chapter Thirty Two: Mostly Moist

Chapter Thirty Three: Fade to Black

 Chapter Thirty Four: Fourteen Tornati

Chapter Thirty Five: Hatching Plans

Chapter Thirty Six: Twenty Five

Chapter Thirty Seven: Knock, Knock, Knocking on England’s door

Chapter Thirty Eight: Curtain Calling

8 comments on “Europe 2014

  1. Loved reading your blog posts! I hope these memories will last a lifetime for you. It was a pleasure meeting you in Athens. Keeping pursuing your dreams. The world is a big place. 7 billion people have a story 🙂

    The Canadian girl (Who had some luck on her side …eh! )
    Caitlin Hoey

    • Thanks Caitlin, glad I can weave something that’s interesting for you!
      I have no doubt you’re safe (with your incredible good luck/trusting nature), but where are you now? Back home or somewhere equally as exotic?

      Stay Safe!

  2. I am currently safe! Your posts inspire me 🙂 I wish I could say that I am somewhere equally as exotic. I moved to the east coast of Canada for another adventure and trying to get into tourism. The east coast of Canada is considered the Scotland of Canada. I wish you all the best for your future adventures. You never know, my good luck might make us bump into each other again. Maybe someone will chase you this time! 🙂

    Take care and I send all my luck to you 🙂


  3. Kathrin (Leeds)

    Great stuff Tom!

    Loved reading the posts – pretty fu**in& hilarious.
    You should have a regular blog (you could earn money form it! – Trust me – that’s my job hahaha)
    And well done – must have been an amazing time!!!

    • Hey Kathrin! Thanks for the good comments, it’s been nearly as long writing up the trip-logs as it has been on the trip! I had a wild time, must do it again soon.
      What’re you doing with yourself now? Sounds pretty interesting.

      • P.S. I’m nearing the final month in my story, so not long left before I have to figure something else to write about!

  4. Fellow biker and non-conventional being………….loved every minute and you’re so right that it’s “the tough” bits that stay with you forever 🙂
    Look forward to sharing…………in armchair support position…………… your next venture!
    Caz, Birmingham.

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