Trip Reports

Europe – 2014

I got my first escape in 2014 after two years of scrimping and self-imposed isolation. I’d saved enough to buy a fifth hand motorbike and ride it around Europe for three months. A modest coin purse begets modest expectations, but I was determined to go wild with it. 10’000 miles later I rolled back home with some tall tales from the road.  For your perusal and enjoyment, you’ll find this collection here. Leave me your comments – I’d love to know what you think!


Peru – 2015

Having returned home, I bunked up with my begrudging parents to begin the saving cycle again. My family gave me the push to enter a travel writing competition for Bike magazine, a big national publication here in the UK. No one, least of all me expected I’d get anywhere. But I won – go figure. I was in the magazine and everything.

I was whisked away to Peru for a two week guided tour and an eight page, prime real-estate feature in March’s edition of Bike magazine. I dug into my savings for a better camera, you’ll see the results for yourself. Just follow this link to my Peru posts.


France – 2016

Not the biggest trip in the world, but definitely one of the most eventful. This was the first major road test of my recently rebuilt KTM 640 – with all the (in hindsight) obvious consequences. P.s. Supermoto seats aren’t designed for distance days…

Click here for the trip report! 


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