Peru 2015

Having won a free ride to Peru I was determined to write a decent piece for my write up in Bike Magazine. The difficulties of moto-journalism were immediately apparent. I smashed my camera screen on the first day of riding and struggled to keep the journal topped up before the nightly beer routine. For every minute it felt like a job, there were 59 to remind me how lucky I was.

Peru is a stunning country to ride in. Enjoy the story, and don’t forget to comment!


The Adventure Begins

Tom and team get a flavour of Lima before heading North to Cajamarca, our base of operations (and we only lost some motorcycle batteries and the tour operator along the way…)

All Was Not Lost

It was the first day on the bikes. Finally riding through seriously stunning mountains aside, things were not going to plan…

The Way of the Washboard

After days spent on wonderful tarmac – we were ready for a bit of rough, something the Canyon del Patos had in spades. Skids and skidmarks aplenty.


Mike’s weird night time mutterings may have ushered in some bad luck – and some road rash…

Punto Olympians

The first rain foams the road slippy, something we’d get used to on our ascent up to Punta Olympica – the highest motor-able tunnel in the world.

Pisco Sours

Beautiful mountain roads, blown tyres and a hunt for Peru’s national drink

Drifting Home

The final days of an adventure are always a little bittersweet.

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